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Where are they now? We meet Aysem Ober. 2019 Back2businessship returner, launching her new on line gift business

04 Oct 2020

September has been a great month for the team at f1; we have had the highest amount of people starting new permanent or long FTC roles since January this year!

28 Sep 2020

Where Are They Now? We Meet Rachel Henley – Vice President, Sponsorship Strategy at Barclays

28 Sep 2020

Recruit at Entry Level or Risk Going Backwards

21 Sep 2020

Flexible Working is Part of the DNA of all Businesses – Campaign Magazine

21 Sep 2020

Kick Start Your Hiring at Entry Level

21 Sep 2020

We Share Our Tips to 60 Media & PR Women in Kenya

21 Sep 2020

Congratulations to our 9 newly appointed Ambassadors to BAME2020 No Turning Back.

15 Sep 2020

Advice from returner Geraldine Kane who has secured a fantastic new role!

14 Sep 2020

Where Are They Now? We Catch up with Toks Ayorinde From John Doe

07 Sep 2020

Introducing Sarah Atkinson the newly appointed CEO at The Social Mobility Foundation

24 Aug 2020

Where Are They Now? We speak to Hephzibah Kwakye-Saka, Senior Campaigns Manager, Riot Communications

24 Aug 2020

The Market is Picking …. new roles…

17 Aug 2020

Where Are They Now? We Meet George Woffenden Co-founder Blueprint Sports

17 Aug 2020

Amanda Fone and Carina White talk about Inclusion in the sports marketing sector and why it’s still so white at the top.

10 Aug 2020

We are Working with the European Sponsorship Association

03 Aug 2020

Diversity and Inclusion in Sports Marketing with The Unofficial Partner

03 Aug 2020

A lost generation in sports marketing

02 Aug 2020

Where Are They Now? Meet Katie Mark, BBC Producer and New BAME2020 No Turning Back Advisor

30 Jul 2020

No Turning Back from BAME2020

27 Jul 2020