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21 March 2023

Day 4 of the #back2businessship 2023 programme hosted at VCCP – another inspiring day

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A very warm welcome to Maryam Batool, Account Executive at WE Communications and newest Ambassador to NoTurningBack2020


This is the beginning of a great collaboration between London Sport and NoTurningBack2020 & Back2businessship Returners programme.


A Very Warm Welcome to Meghana Mehta, Assistant Account executive working across the Tech Team at WE communications and new Ambassador to NoTurningBack2020


f1 Recruitment would like to welcome Cameron Partridge who joins the team as an Associate – Corporate Comms, ESG, Public Affairs & Policy


f1 Recruitment would like to welcome Courtnie Ruel who joins the team as an Associate – Marketing, Digital & Social Assignments


Day 4 of the #back2businessship 2023 programme hosted at VCCP, was an another inspiring day, which kicked off on Monday morning with a creative workshop led by Rebecca Rhodes. Her energic and dynamic creative leadership session demonstrated just how important creative skills are to the future of work and how creative problem solving is an inclusive skill that anyone can learn…They just need the right kind of stimulus to get into a creative mindset.


Next up, we had the pleasure of hearing from Sharon Lloyd Barnes, Commercial Director at the Advertising Association on the key issues shaping the advertising industry such as trust, sustainability and diversity & inclusion, as well as what the industry is doing to tackle these topics as whole.


Founder of The Space Between Sports agency and Women in Football Trustee Lisa Parfitt and West Ham United FC Head of Marcomms David Chaplin chaired a brilliant myth busting session on the skills needed today to attract a new and diverse talent base into marketing in the sports industry, while Sasha Henry-Crawford Head of Retail Mail Products, Royal Mail held a refreshing talk on the importance of diverse perspectives when marketing in unprecedented times.




We were also lucky enough to hear from VCCP’s Head of Innovation on what’s new in AI as well as what’s next. I enjoyed playing around with DALL.E 2 Open AI to create an image for this post – giving it various prompts to describe the talent pool of #back2businessship delegates – and as you can see, it didn’t do a terrible job of it!


The day wrapped up with a crucial session from Amanda Fone, Co-Founder Back2businessship, CEO & f1 Recruitment Limited, and her team of recruiters who came in to listen to everyone’s elevator pitches. The f1 Recruitment Limited team did a fantastic job of helping us to hone and refine the way tell the stories of our career highlights in memorable and succinct ways.


It was clear listening to the other delegates elevator pitches just how much talent, experience, unique perspectives and a hard-to-find blend of skills are among this cohort of #back2businessship returners.


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