re-wiring the recruitment process

About f1

f1 was founded in 2004 by Amanda Fone. Over 16 years we have built a reputation for being  one of the best connected recruitment consultancies in Marketing, PR & Sports Marketing in  London, finding careers for people here and all over the world.

We’re known for providing a different sort of recruitment experience. We’re very good. We really care. And we are always determined to help. We have always been brave about  changing the face of talent  for the Marketing,  PR and Sports Marketing  profession.

We work with agencies and in-house teams in all industry sectors and across all marketing, communications & sports marketing disciplines finding diverse talent for our clients at all levels. We work with people at every stage of their career, from graduates looking for their first role to CMO’s wanting a new challenge. Our portfolio of flexible, freelance, contract and permanent candidates is world class.

Our business was built on the future of work being flexible and agile.  So we are more than ready for the dramatic changes the  employment market will undergo as all companies re-arrange themselves to live  with the ongoing threat of  COVID-19. We have worked through many market downturns before; clients and candidates alike see us as their trusted advisors.

Navigating the Future – Together