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8 July 2021

f1 Recruitment – Proud to Publish April-June 2021 Candidates Interviewed Inclusion Statistics

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We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone that presented and supported the #NoTurningBack2020 Ambassador & Advisor Event on Wednesday 24th November!


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We are delighted to welcome Koyin Akinsiku – Senior Account Executive at MSL Group as new Ambassador to NoTurningBack 2020. 


A Very Warm Welcome to Tashan Nicholas, our newest NoTurningBack2020 Ambassador


Thank you LSE for having our NoTurningBack 2020 Ambassadors talk at your Inclusive Careers Event


• Our candidate portfolio is 26.2% non white – 7.9% from  black, 11.1% from Asian and 4.8% from  mixed/multiple ethnic communities
• The highest % of black candidates we met are under the age of 34 and the highest % of Asian candidates
are between 35 and 44 years of age.
• 28.5% of the candidates we placed this quarter were from black, Asian, minority ethnic groups.
• Age breakdown 25-34 46%, 35-44 33.3% and 45+ 20.7% .
• Gender – 42.1% female and 57.9% male – last quarter we interviewed over 54% female candidates
• Family Educational background – 38.9% of candidates – neither parent went to university
• Socio-Economic background – 8% were eligible for free school meals
• We manage and co-fund the NoTurningBack2020 Careers Outreach Programme to minority ethnic and
lower socio economic students at UK schools, colleges & universities.

Please use the NTB2020 Early Careers Job Zone. To advertise roles up to £35,000 for free follow this link

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