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8 July 2021

f1 Recruitment – Proud to Publish April-June 2021 Candidates Interviewed Inclusion Statistics

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A Very Warm Welcome to Meghana Mehta, Assistant Account executive working across the Tech Team at WE communications and new Ambassador to NoTurningBack2020


f1 Recruitment would like to welcome Cameron Partridge who joins the team as an Associate – Corporate Comms, ESG, Public Affairs & Policy


f1 Recruitment would like to welcome Courtnie Ruel who joins the team as an Associate – Marketing, Digital & Social Assignments


• Our candidate portfolio is 26.2% non white – 7.9% from  black, 11.1% from Asian and 4.8% from  mixed/multiple ethnic communities
• The highest % of black candidates we met are under the age of 34 and the highest % of Asian candidates
are between 35 and 44 years of age.
• 28.5% of the candidates we placed this quarter were from black, Asian, minority ethnic groups.
• Age breakdown 25-34 46%, 35-44 33.3% and 45+ 20.7% .
• Gender – 42.1% female and 57.9% male – last quarter we interviewed over 54% female candidates
• Family Educational background – 38.9% of candidates – neither parent went to university
• Socio-Economic background – 8% were eligible for free school meals
• We manage and co-fund the NoTurningBack2020 Careers Outreach Programme to minority ethnic and
lower socio economic students at UK schools, colleges & universities.

Please use the NTB2020 Early Careers Job Zone. To advertise roles up to £35,000 for free follow this link

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