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28 December 2022

f1 recruitment Ltd October – December 2022. Candidates Interviewed Inclusion Statistics

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Our candidate portfolio is 21% non white with 5% black, 6% Asian, 5% mixed/multiple
Age breakdown 50% 25-34, 28% 35-44 and 12% 45+
Gender – 58% female
Neuro Diversity – 7% identify as neuro diverse
Family Educational background – 26% of candidates neither parent went to university
Socio-Economic background – 6% were eligible for free school meals
31% of candidates placed in permanent roles in the last quarter have been from
black, Asian, minority ethnic communities and 77% have been women

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Entry Level – Apprenticeship, School Leavers & Graduates. We are Co- Founders of
and deliver the NoTurningBack2020 Young Careers Outreach programme across the UK
throughout the year. There are over 800 under 25 yr olds in our network from under
represented communities actively looking for their first role in Marketing PR & Sports
Marketing. Make sure you advertise your Early Careers roles up to £35,000 on the
NTB2002 Early Careers Job Zone to access this talent stream or talk to your f1 consultant