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29 June 2021


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A very warm welcome to Maryam Batool, Account Executive at WE Communications and newest Ambassador to NoTurningBack2020


This is the beginning of a great collaboration between London Sport and NoTurningBack2020 & Back2businessship Returners programme.


A Very Warm Welcome to Meghana Mehta, Assistant Account executive working across the Tech Team at WE communications and new Ambassador to NoTurningBack2020


f1 Recruitment would like to welcome Cameron Partridge who joins the team as an Associate – Corporate Comms, ESG, Public Affairs & Policy


f1 Recruitment would like to welcome Courtnie Ruel who joins the team as an Associate – Marketing, Digital & Social Assignments


Welcome to Rubainya Oozeer, Senior Account Manager at BECG (Built Environment Communications Group) as new Ambassador to NoTurningBack2020

Here she tells us how she changed her career path from journalism to PR, how she broke into the sector, her thoughts on diversity and inclusion and hopes for the future

@rubainyaoozeer @ellamason @tanwaedu


  • Tell us a bit about your career to date, your experience and your key skills.  Why did you decide on a career in Marketing / Communications.  How did you break into the sector.

I fell into communications about 5/6 years when I was looking into journalism as a career but found PR more appealing. Once I had my career goal set on communications, I did various internships in the  FMCS sector before coming across my passion which is the built environment and worked my way up since then…


  • What do you most love about your work?  Can you give an example of a project you are currently working on and your role in it?

I love the versatility that my work provides me and the fact that I am doing something new and exciting very often. My role is mainly in Property PR when we constantly support our clients bring new projects to the public through our various strategies behind the scenes.


  • What more do you think needs to be done to level the playing field for people from more diverse backgrounds in the Marketing & Communications

I think we still have a long way to go to make the Mar Comms sector more inclusive and truly diverse.This stems from the lack of knowledge and information offered to young adults who are thinking of a career where comms is still not showcased as a ‘successful’ career path and this needs to be addressed from the beginning of those young adults’ journey to attract a diverse talent pool.


  • What are your personal ambitions in the sector.

I hope to be able support the existing diversity and inclusivity work being done to create a diverse Mar Comms sector and hope that the biased statistics in place will be  lowered in the next few years.


  • What is your one piece of advice to young people looking at a career in Marketing or PR

If you truly want a career in the sector, persevere and educate yourself to find the right tools which will help your future success.