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22 June 2020

Where are they Now? We Catch Up With Chris Stevenson MD of Stripe London

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We have worked with Chris since  very early on in his career and 4 years ago  found him his role as MD at Stripe London. Here he talks about his journey….

“I am Managing Director of Stripe Communications London office. I was appointed in 2016 to open the London office and we are now a team of 20 people servicing a range of clients in the entertainment, hospitality, food and drink, retail, property and toy sectors.

After my  Corporate Communications degree I got a 6-week work placement at Freuds. In those 6 weeks I found out I was quite good at it (‘it’ being cuttings books, setting up board rooms, making tea, doing regional media sell-ins and writing the occasional press release). They  then offered me a job with two weeks notice, so  I missed my graduation ceremony and made the move from Aberdeen to London. I put my success down to tenacity, hard work and a sense of humour.

I love the variety, creativity and the people I work with. It’s easy to moan about your job from time to time but PR has presented me with some unbelievable opportunities in my life and I’ve met some lifelong friends along the way. I don’t for a day, undervalue that my PR career has been fun, challenging and always interesting.

Winning a Cannes Lion in our second year of business in Stripe London was a highlight for me, when we were a team of only 6 people. It set an important precedent for what we were going to be all about as a business; our place in the industry, our future clients and our people. I’ve also had different brilliant mentors  but my current boss, Juliet Simpson has taught me most about leadership.

I have known Amanda and the f1 team for nearly 17 years. They placed me in this role and another prior to that. They also has delivered some great candidates including Lou Harris who joined us in April this year as our CSO. They are gutsy and smart.”