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21 March 2014

Where are they now? Amy Williams, Brand Partnerships Manager, Westfield

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Getting a new job can be a life-changing experience. I cried when I got mine. I was working for an events company as a project manager. It was my first job after university and it schooled me in many things. I moved up the ranks quickly but realised that I needed somewhere new to go – for a challenge and to work somewhere where I would feel a connection, a vested interest. But I didn’t know what that would be.

I was a bit scared of going to see a recruitment consultancy because I’d never done it before and didn’t want to be just a number. f1 was recommended and immediately after my interview I felt f1 really ‘got’ me, helping me really suss things out and filter what was and wasn’t relevant to my next career move.

f1 found me interviews with many different companies. The culture and dynamic of the team really matters to me and I also realised I wanted a global concern, a world I felt comfortable in and people I could learn a new craft from. Westfield was perfect and I started here last July in the Brand Partnerships team.

Our small team helps brands get closer to consumers in partnership with both the London Westfield sites through events, experience and campaigns such as ice rinks at Christmas and content on our digital screen network. I did a sponsorship deal in my first three months. I felt a sense of wanting to add value and prove my worth. So I raised my game and also had a slice of luck. It was a great start and gave me a taste for more.

It’s amazing what f1 did to pave the way for me making the right next move. I’m now in a brand world, very different from before, and it is right up my street. It’s a bit early for me to comment on industry trends but I clearly see how brands recognise the need to connect and engage with consumers more, to innovate and create partnerships to draw their consumers in and allow them to make an emotive connection.

My top tip to anyone wanting to take the plunge into a new area is: Ensure you are in the frame of mind to be able to let go of all barriers and pre-conceptions. Be open and receptive. Give an honest and accurate picture of yourself so that your recruiter can really do their job.