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13 March 2020

The World of Work that You Left Behind: The Same but Different – DIARY OF A RETURNER DAY 3

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The World of Work that You Left Behind: The Same but Different
For many returners, there is a worry that the work world they are about to enter will look very different from the one they left behind. The voices in our head tell us that we are no longer relevant, that are skills are outdated, that we won’t understand the terminology or the technology, etc, etc. We learned how to quiet these voices after first exploring some of the changes and challenges in the industry today.
Here are five key take-aways.
1.     The key principles of marketing have not changed. It is still about reaching the right person with the right message at the right time. So in the words of Candace Kuss, Director of Social Media at Hill + Knowlton, just focus on your target market and what matters to them.   
2.     Yes but, you say… the technology! At this point Liz Nottingham steps in to tell us to permanently delete the word “but” from our vocabulary and reframe the question by swapping out the ‘but’ for an ‘and’. Okay, so it is true that the fundamentals of marketing are the same and the technology has changed. Then, Candace Kuss waves her hand and reassures us that it doesn’t matter what we’ve missed because it is all different, even if you had never left the work place, it is different, so just jump in and remember… 
3.     Google is your friend. Everything you need to know is online so learn “Power Googling” (yep, that’s a thing) and take advantage of all the resources on offer. Try eConsultancy and eMarketing for the most up to date digital thinking. And if you think you need a refresher course or tutorial try LinkedIn Learning
4.     You don’t need to be a social media expert. However, awareness is necessary so if you are not using social media now, start. Play around. Better yet, learn and test by taking an offline hobby like gardening or micro-brewing and creating your own Instagram, twitter, podcast for that hobby to gain first hand insight. 
5.     And finally, stay curious. Sarah Howell, Director of Strategic Projects and Marketing for Nationwide reminds us to “Look up and look out”.  Keep learning and try to view the world through the eyes of others. 
As for quietening that inner voice that says you’re not good enough, you need to confront it, and not allow it to hold you back, coaches Alison Green of WOMBA. The best way to do this is to act… don’t wait to feel more confident, confidence comes with action.