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1 September 2015

Six things about the Rugby World Cup 2015 to keep marketers awake at night

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by Chris Pinner, sponsorship analyst at Synergy

It’s just 17 days to go until the RWC 2015 begins. Here are six things marketers are paying special attention to for this year’s biggest sporting event, as told to f1 by Synergy’s Chris Pinner.

  1. The RWC 2015 will be the biggest so far and attendance will be record-breaking. How will marketers engage with this volume of fans?
  2. Social and digital engagement at The RWC 2015 will be at a level never experienced in the sport. As mobile and user generated content move closer towards the centre of marketing all eyes will be on brands which deliver the most compelling content.
  3. For every lucky ticketholder, thousands more will be watching in pubs and on sofas. How can technology play a role in helping them to engage?
  4. Millenials. Rugby in the UK is (fairly or unfairly) associated with an older middle class demo yet nearly every brand in the country is focusing on millennials. Can these two factors merge to please everyone?
  5. What will be the impact of England success on the overall success of the tournament as a whole, and how can brands embrace (or defend) against success (or failure)?
  6. How will brands capture the impact that their sponsorship has had? Better measurement and analytical tools are rightly being demanded by CEOs and CFOs to help gauge the success of campaigns. With the RWC 2015 set to attract a record audience the benefit of measuring campaign success could be huge. Brands which miss measurement have a problem. Read more here


You can read more about Synergy’s view on The RWC 2015 in its NowNewNext Report, which asks “Will this be Rugby’s Perfect Moment?”