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22 January 2020

She’s back…Megan Strang

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She’s back….

Megan Strang, Sector Expert PR/Influencer, Sports Marketing & Marketing is just back from maternity leave and is now working with candidates and clients on a range of briefs.  Megan moved to Northern France in 2017 just before the birth of her daughter. Keen to come back,  f1 supported Megan working remotely  and she actually had her best year yet with the business! After her second maternity leave there was no question about Megan’s return!

Megan is a great example of someone who is successfully working flexibly after taking two maternity breaks. She manages to combine looking after her new family with working at home and uses the local creche for childcare on the days she is working. 

Megan has changed her working patterns over the years working at f1 and is working just as efficiently as ever if not more. She used to work a traditional full-time week when she lived in London, and now after her maternity breaks she currently works flexibly over the week.  

She started her career in events and experiential and she has over 10 years recruitment experience and has been with the f1 team for seven years.  She has progressed quickly from associate to sector expert. Megan is a highly intuitive recruiter; she works fast and accurately and is great at identifying talent. Megan is an expert in  Sports Marketing, Consumer PR and Marketing.

Things she loves about her job:

  • No commute but enjoys her frequent trips to London to catch up with clients, candidates and team mates. Technology – Zoom and WhatApp have enabled me to keep my career going
  • Working from home
  • Billing more than I did a year ago
  • The family orientated French lifestyle

      I’m more efficient!