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1 June 2020

Our Returners are Owning The Room…

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Sarah Toomey at Own the Room arranged for Martin Garvey one of their coaches who was due to run his interactive session on the final day of this years Back2businessship bootcamp programme to run the session virtually with over 20 of this year’s returner cohort.

Having an Impact – Standing out from the Crowd – is a 60 minute high energy, interactive session teaching  techniques & strategies to present with confidence and  land a  message with  impact.

Here’s what our returners said:

“Whether you are talking at a conference, in a boardroom, in an elevator, during an interview, presenting, on zoom or in person, the principles of ‘Owning the room’ still apply. I always knew that keeping the audience was key, what I never appreciated was the weight of the various qualities to be impressive, memorable unique, entailed.

The session this morning with Martin Garvey this morning framed my understanding of having a presence, differently. I had no idea that our communication is 7% is content-based, what a shocker; 38% tone of voice and 55% is body language. This shifts my perception of being a quality communicator. I now understand that the things that come naturally such tone and body language will elevate and package the sense of whom I am. Do I sound credible, or do I sound as if I am not fluent on the topic, and what affects that, ‘weak language’ such as “um, err, but, obviously, like”?

When we forget about the EGO and go into a conversation, a presentation or any engagement opportunity, with the audience in my mind, we allow ourselves to be authentic, unique and memorable. We give ourselves the opportunity to truly have value to those who came to listen.

I am elated about the realisation that being forgotten is not an option, I am here to be memorable and OWNING the space where people come to listen.” Katiso Ndlela

“Garvey presented an incredibly engaging and informative session to enable us to build confidence in how we present ourselves.  A fast-paced session giving us techniques to be able to stand out from a crowd.  It was amazing how much we achieved in just 1 hour.  Time to learn, to practice and ask questions where we needed to.  So much to take away, digest and put into practice.  Thank you!”  Yvonne Filler

“Own The Room provides world-class virtual and in-person training & coaching that is interactive, engaging and unique. Find out more here. For further details, contact“.