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No Turning Back from BAME2020

27 July 2020

No Turning Back is a powerful and action orientated programme launched in July 2020 by  the BAME2020 movement

No Turning Back is delivered by Co Founders of BAME2020 Adrian Walcott’s company, Brands with Values and Amanda Fone’s company, f1 recruitment

Adrian and Amanda set up BAME2020 in July 2016 to focus on Action for Change

The focus was simple and clear 

  • Attraction – 20% representation of black, Asian, minority ethnic communities in our sector
  • Retention – keeping this 20% in our sector until they reach the very top roles

2020 is a watershed year for Diversity & Inclusion for all organisations

No Turning Back is focused on measurement and outcome – what you can’t measure you can’t change

No Turning Back requires  2 measurables for organisations  that are serious about Inclusion and Diversity

  1. Inclusive values
  2. Inclusive recruitment

Click here to find out more about how your organisation can become a No Turning Back Ambassador Organisation.