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Minister of State for Employment Opens Parent Returner Boot Camp Back2businessship

11 March 2019

We are excited to announce that Alok Sharma MP for Reading West & Minister of State for Employment opened Back2businessship today with 40 returners\

Alok came along to Oracle HQ open the bootcamp and to discuss the
challenges of full employment, finding talent, flexible working, women
returners and the challenges of getting back onto the career ladder

Speaking at the event, Minister of State for Employment Alok Sharma said: “There are currently 1.2 million returners, potential people coming back to the work force and of those over 90% are women. If we were able – Government working with employers – to make sure that we can get returners back into the workforce at a pace that they want we will add another £150 billion to our economy by 2025.

“Politicians love to put stats out there but ultimately this also is about individuals and their personal journeys and each of you will have your own unique experience and your own unique story. And what this next two weeks is about – this boot camp – is to make sure that you have an opportunity to develop and to make sure that you get an opportunity to put your case in front of employers.

“As I said, we have a record number of vacancies are you precisely the kind of the talent that we want filling those jobs.”

Employers joining the scheme called Back2businessship will be able to choose their ideal candidate through an interview-style event to meet this year’s returners in person – all of who are returning back to the industry after a career break to look after their families. The event takes place on Thursday 21st March. 2019. If you are a company and you want to attend please get in touch

More about the event today here: