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26 November 2014

Letter from Hong Kong

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Q&A with Georgina Masefield, Consultant with Robert Walters, Hong Kong, previously an associate at f1 recruitment.

Were you attracted to f1 or to recruitment and why?

It was both. I wanted to start a career in recruitment but f1 stood out from other agencies I interviewed with for the integrity it showed towards candidates and clients. And for the positive atmosphere and environment in the office. I felt that what f1 stood for aligned with me personally.

How well were you trained? 

I was trained on the job and learnt by doing and being mentored by Amanda Fone and other senior members of the f1 team. I was trained incredibly well and it was constant over my whole two years.

What were the most useful and important things f1 has taught you?

I learnt so much it’s very difficult to say. One thing would be to always trust your gut instinct. And that you are in control of your chances of success. Never leave anything to chance. Anything is possible if you are willing to put in the time and effort.

What kept you at f1 for two years?

I enjoyed it! Everyone I worked with had the same behaviours and values as me and I was learning the whole time. Amanda’s enthusiasm and energy for the job and how much she cared about my career made a big difference. I like the Marcomms industries. And I like the f1 brand and what it stands for.

Would you recommend recruitment as a career?

Yes, definitely. If you like people and are interested in them it’s a great career because it requires building relationships, all day, every day. Contrary to some views, I think recruitment is a very stable and secure industry because you are in control – as long as you are doing well and putting in the time and effort you will have a job. From the very beginning of your career there are no barriers to success.

What were the rewards like – financial and other?

Good! You get rewarded for your work and great personal satisfaction from getting someone a job they really want. It’s also satisfying that you can monitor and see your own success at any time.

What do you take with you from f1?

I learnt and have grown so much, personally and professionally, with f1 that I take a great deal with me. f1 gave me a fantastic grounding in recruitment and in business, which I will use for the rest of my career.

What do you miss?

I miss the people at f1. And Soho!