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20 January 2021


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We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone that presented and supported the #NoTurningBack2020 Ambassador & Advisor Event on Wednesday 24th November!


Are you looking to return to work in a PR , Communications, Media or Marketing capacity after taking time out of your career for caring reasons? Back2Businessship 2022 now open for Applications


We are delighted to welcome Koyin Akinsiku – Senior Account Executive at MSL Group as new Ambassador to NoTurningBack 2020. 


A Very Warm Welcome to Tashan Nicholas, our newest NoTurningBack2020 Ambassador


Thank you LSE for having our NoTurningBack 2020 Ambassadors talk at your Inclusive Careers Event


Since 2016 when we co founded and launched the  BAME2020 Campaign and since 2013 when we co founded the Back2businessship returners programme f1 recruitment & search has been driving the pace of change in gender & ethnic diversity representation in the Marketing, PR & Sports Marketing sectors.

Every quarter we publish our diversity statistics and our latest figures from October to December 2020 show how much progress we are making


The f1 candidate network is

  • 20% non white in a sector that is less than 10% non white
  • 53% female/ 47% male
  • 7.1% black, 6.5% Asian and 6.4% minority ethnic
  • 39.8% have 2 non university educated parents
  • 10.8% were eligible for free school meals
  • 4.1% have a disability


We have been campaigning for many years for organisations  to use third party recruiters that can evidence the diversity of their candidate portfolio.  A minimum of 15%  of a recruiter’s candidate portfolio should be from black, Asian, minority ethnic communities with no less than 5% representation from black communities.  The only way we will make meaningful progress is with measurement & accountability.


Last week The Football Association launched its new Diversity Code


with a focus on recruitment within SENIOR LEADERSHIP AND TEAM OPERATIONS
• 15% of new hires will be Black, Asian or of Mixed-Heritage [or a target set by the club based on local demographics]
• 30% of new hires will be female


2021 needs to be the year for No Turning Back.

To see more detail on the f1 diversity figures click here