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15 March 2022

Insight into the #back2businessship2022 Returners Programme written & created by 3 of the delegates; Sarah Haynes, Catherine Dowdney & Paula Perrelli dos Anjos – DAY 4

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Huge thanks to Back2Businesship alumni and successful women returners Ally Johnston, Lydia Martin, Laura Weston and Suzie Cullen, along with executive coach Alison Green, marketing expert Clint Hayashi of Aion and f1 Recruitment CEO Amanda Fone, who all generously shared their advice for women getting back into the workplace. Here are their Top 5 Tips …
Don’t sweat the small stuff! Not sure how you’ll manage to go back to work and also do everything you’re already doing? Don’t worry about how you’ll make it happen – get your dream job first and the rest will fall into place somehow.
Let go of old (unhelpful) versions of yourself, especially if they are stopping you from moving on with your plans to get back into the workplace.
Imagine the working life you want, then make it happen. Try listening to inspiring podcasts to get your head in the right place.
Preparation meets opportunity – work out which transferable skills you have from your previous time at work, or even your life now, and show employers how you could use these in a new role.
Create an elevator pitch, so that you can wow employers with all that you can bring to a role in their organisation.