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22 June 2020

H+K Strategies Teaches Us About The Art of Telling Stories @ Back2businessship

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The Back2Businessship 2020 cohort were invited to participate in a module on ‘Telling Purpose Led Stories in Today’s PR & Media Landscape’, delivered by H+K Strategies’ Orla Moran, MD of Consumer Packaged Goods and Sara Jurkowsky, MD of Energy + Industrials.

 “The discussion opened with a definition of PR and examples of what might constitute great PR, followed by an overview of how the industry has changed and an insight into conversations clients are having.

The hosts highlighted the continued important role of media in discussing issues shaping society today, looking at information sources and trust. A comparison was made between a ‘now and then’ version of the PR landscape and the growing opportunity for PR. Data was shared on consumers’ brand information sources and trust in them.

We looked at case studies and the role of employees in holding companies accountable. An interesting slide showed how PR is working harder to capture audiences’ attention to move into dialogue with stakeholders.

Previously, PR may have been viewed as a tag on, on the back of the ad and strapline. That is no longer the case, with the discipline having earned its own seat at the table when it comes to brand positioning. Advertising has turned to PR, asking how it can drive more conversation than just eyeballs when the ad airs or is seen.

In the past, PR would be viewed as B2C or B2B, but today there are B2H (Business to Human) approaches when you are speaking on a more human level about compelling messages; you are thinking about the target audience in another capacity – outside of their business life, in terms of the issues they also care about . How does the issue you wish to discuss resonate with them outside of their work life?

Thank you to Sara and Orla for sharing their expertise, and Katie Spence and Back2Businessship for setting up. It was a brilliant interactive session, highly informative and interesting, benefitting professionals across the marketing/PR/comms spectrum.”

By Nita Shah, Delegate, Back2businessship2020