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7 April 2021

f1 – Evidencing Diversity

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Here are the f1 candidate diversity stats for financial year 2020/2021. We have been pushing for many years for companies to encourage their recruitment & search partners to be more transparent about their candidate portfolio statistics. We publish ours on our website every quarter.


We have reached our target of 20% of all f1 candidates interviewed during 2020/21 coming from black, Asian, minority ethnic communities.

In Q4 (Jan to March 2021) we interviewed 27.8% of our total candidates for the quarter from ethnic minority groups.

32% of the total number of candidates placed this financial year were from black, Asian, minority ethnic communities.

Please take a few minutes to read the full report across all areas of intersectionality. We have shifted the dial for Diversity & Inclusion in Recruitment for the Marketing, PR and Sports Marketing sector during an extremely challenging year.

Click here to read the full report