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20 March 2024

Diving into day 2 of Back2businessship 2024

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Diving into day 2 of Back2businessship 2024

As we dive into day 2 of Back2businessship 2024 powered by f1 Recruitment Limited we look back on day 1 with two of our inspiring returners Elizabeth Holloway and Katherine Brown. They pose a thought provoking question…

What does a plasticine parrot have to do with careers?!

It represents planning, goal setting, teamwork, adaptability and the ability to find your wings – all characteristics our Back2Businessship Class of 2024 have in spades, as they demonstrated today on day one of our 2024 cohort.
These 33 “career relaunching / returning” women gathered today at the offices of FleishmanHillard UK for day 1 of a two week programme They’ll work with leaders from across the PR, communications and marketing worlds to prepare for a return to work after career breaks of 3 or more years.

Jacqui Sanders (She/Her) sanders  kicked off the session with her own personal story of returning. She reminded returners that whilst the names of some marketing terms have changed, the fundamentals of good marketing and communications remain the same. Plasticine or putty, Play-Doh or modelling clay – returners have the materials they need to kick-start their careers.

Next up was Liz Nottingham FIPA Nottingham leading us through a Myers-Briggs crash course. There was discussion on personality preferences, how can we promote more diverse and inclusive workplace cultures if we understand and value different management and decision making styles. Myers-Briggs gives us the tools to make this happen.

Rachel Letham (Montague-Ebbs) outlined some of the big challenges and opportunities in the marketing sector. She encouraged us to visualise our ideal role. It may sound a little woo-woo but there is science behind it. By tricking your brain into thinking something you desire has already happened you create new neural pathways to support that reality.

Last but not least, we heard from Avril Lee with an honest and fascinating discussion on diversity, ageism and inter-generational leadership. More than ever in this new post-Covid world, our experience, ability to solve problems and build relationships is required. And returners need each other – to act as supporters, cheerleaders and networkers.

And that’s a wrap for day one!

If you are looking to hire or talent pipeline from April through the rest of 2024, this is your opportunity to meet candidates with a strong mix of backgrounds, a broad range of experience and a proven track record.

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