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Dear white men, we need you

26 November 2018

This Campaign article by  Imali Hettiarachchi, strategy director at Bartle Bogle Hegarty,  is ‘on pointe’. In all our conversations about diversity and inclusion we need to celebrate middle class white men, many who have helped some of us middle class, middle aged white women get on in our careers. Sure the playing field needs to level out (a lot more!) but there are plenty of white men who are real champions of diversity. Men who are just as focused as the rest of us in wanting a mixed, blended, inclusive work place for future generations hashtag#marketing hashtag#jobsearch hashtag#inclusion hashtag#futurism hashtag#f1search hashtag#jobsinpr hashtag#f1recruitment hashtag#opinionpieces hashtag#brandswithvalues hashtag#bame2020 hashtag#flexibleworking hashtag#jobsinmarketing