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27 March 2023

Day 6, the final day of Back2businessship 2023 by delegate Emma Appleby

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Thank you to Henry Yanney – Employer Engagement Coordinator, Goldsmiths Careers Service Goldsmiths, University of London for inviting our three inspiring NoTurningBack2020 ambassadors to talk to the students about careers in Marketing, Sports Marketing and PR.


Sponsorship Champions Award for Diversity, Equality & Inclusion


Day 5 – Joining up the Dots by Lisa Brown – Back2businessship 2023 delegate


Day 5 of the Back2Businesship – Was this the game we’ve been practicing for? It sure felt like it!


Day 4 of the #back2businessship 2023 programme hosted at VCCP – another inspiring day


Day 6 was our final morning of the #Backtobusinessship 2023 programme and started with @Adrian Walcott, co founder Noturningback2020 and managing director of @Brands with Values sharing an open and honest account of his own career journey, the challenges he’s faced and his mission to revolutionise the culture of work and wider society. He talked about the importance of feeling connected through sharing the same values and how this promotes an organisational culture in which a business and its employees can thrive.


Following on from this we were delighted to see @Liz Nottingham again, this session was to teach us how to play big. Liz helped us to identify our inner critic and together we found effective ways to boot it out of the door for good.


We then had the privilege to hear from @Liseli Sitali, Director, Football and Music Partnerships at @Expedia Group. Liseli gave us her ideas and thoughts on how to succeed when returning to work. Thank you for sharing your story and experiences and for your empowering words of wisdom.


Our last workshop was led by @Amanda Fone on how to interview for success. Getting advice from one of the industry’s most experienced marketing, PR and sports marketing recruitment business owners was an invaluable experience we all hope to be able to put into practice soon.


We finished the day, and our transformative returners programme, by reflecting on our own individual journeys, what we had learned and how we had reconnected with our (professional) selves once again. In true kintsugi style, we have put ourselves back together, feeling happy, fulfilled and optimistic for the journey ahead.


On behalf of all the Backtobusinessship 2023 delegates, thank you @Amanda Fone, @Liz Nottingham, @Sarah Bishop, @Fran Chandler; the #Backtobusinessship team, @F1 Recruitment and @Noturningback2020 for making this happen. Also thank you to all the inspirational guest speakers who have kindly shared their wisdom and knowledge and supported us along this incredible journey.

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