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1 June 2020

Back2businessship Chair Liz Nottingham recognised for Leading the Way in Inclusion

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Congratulations to partner and friend  Liz Nottingham who has been included in the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising Top 30 list for Inclusion ilist 2020.  Liz is Chair of Back2businessship. 

Last week Liz checked in with our 2020 Back2businessship returners.

Kats Ndlela Back2businesssship2020 delegate  on Liz Nottingham – Checking In Session

Last week was Mental Awareness Week and as part of Back2businessship2020, Liz Nottingham, trainer/coach and Chair of Back2businessship ran a short ‘checking in workshop’  at just the right time for many of this year’s  delegates. Liz gave  us a much needed platform in a safe room to open up about how we were all coping since the beginning of lockdown which started at the end of our first week of this year’s  B2B returners programme.

‘How are you feeling?’ asked Liz, as we entered the virtual meeting room.  I came to  the room feeling grateful but some of us felt anxious about  safety, overwhelmed by the judgements of other parents regarding school decisions,  helpless by not being able to plan and some of our group felt  broken by the effect of the virus on a family member. This showed us that we are all in different boats even if we are in the same (COVID-19) storm.

Liz took us through the change curve to help us contextualize our state of being. Before this session I would never have positioned or seen  my emotional and mental state as part of a change process. A change process that I have the power to control and that I can decide where I sit on the curve.   “Change is not easy. But remaining in a constant state of grief, heartache and resentment is harder”

I’d like to believe that the new culture of ‘checking in’ remains part of the thread that binds society, that keeps us hopeful, and that contributes to supporting people’s life successes. Having a  supportive network and working with a dedicated recruitment company that wears its values proudly, we can together  create a healthy, safe and successful career development environment. I left the room still feeling grateful because checking in together had given all of  us a genuine sense of community.