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Clients Have Spoken: Change Your Irrelevant Agency Model

15 May 2019

At the coalface, we work with agencies across paid earned owned and shared that talk about how their business models are changing. About the integration of services, becoming one P&l to encourage internal collaboration ie really putting the client first, at the heart of their organisations! We also see companies and brands replicating parts of an agency model internally and cherry picking services from their agencies. At a time when first class talent is becoming more and more difficult to keep in our agencies never has it been more important to champion the agency career path. And talk more about just how exciting & meritocratic a career can be, within a progressive agency landscape.

We found Daniel Gilbert, chief executive of performance marketing agency Brainlabs presentation at the Campaign PM360 conference inspired. He talks about how agencies of the future should be able to consult for all clients marketing needs so media, creative and advertising. He calls it a ‘hive mind’.  He discusses how the agency model of the future reunites creative and media.

Agencies are set to become even more exciting places to grow your skill set and your career.