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6 April 2020

Celebrating 16 years in business!

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f1 recruitment Limited is celebrating 16 years in business this week.

On the 5th April 2004 we launched in a tiny office near Leicester Square with just one role on in the comms team at The Economist Magazine.

Eileen wise who was then Comms Director there, my sincere thanks to you for believing so wholeheartedly in my vision for f1.

Thanks to Jessie Becker who was at the time in a lead marketing role Netflix when they first tried to launch in the UK…thanks to Nick Chaloner Jeani Rodgers Nina Caplin. To Rachel Bell Graham Goodkind Liz Nottingham FIPA FRSA? Rory Godson Jim Glover Andy Sutherden Alison Moor Johnny Pitt Pippa Burridge Simon Whitehead Dionne Parker Rob Forbes Kai Britt BoschmannRobert Phillips Ann Fossey Andy Westlake Andy West Julian Mack Michele Charles Gordon Lott  Michael Murphy Alastair Marks Alistair McLeish Kevin Read Stephen Lock Matt Rogan Julia Hobsbawm Mark BullinghamSteven Hall Sconaid McGeachin Chris Dobson Ian Herbison and many many other clients, now colleagues, who helped f1 find its foothold in those early years. To the f1 team past and present my love & gratitude always.

Amanda Fone, CEO & Founder f1 Recruitment