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9 February 2024

Noturningback2020 ambassadors talk to Haberdashers´ students about careers in marketing, communications & sports sponsorship marketing.

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Thank you to the three @noturningback2020 ambassadors who took the time out of their busy schedules to talk to @Haberdashers´students about careers in marketing, communications and sports sponsorship marketing. talks about careers in marketing communications and sports sponsorship marketing

@Madeleine Haley Account Manager | @Langland

@Thomas Zaqueu People Initiatives and Diversity & Inclusion Manager | @YouGov

@Christie Wanstall Sustainability Analyst | @Powerscourt

 Students were offered the chance to join @NoTurningBack2020 jobs community which only accepts companies that place ED&I at the heart of their business. Offering updates on the latest apprenticeships, internships and jobs offered by this select group of companies.

For more information on @noturningback2020 click here

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