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25 March 2020

Advice for Video Interviews

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This COVID crisis has changed many things and when we get back to our new normality some things may change for the greater good. One of those things is video interviews.  We grilled the team at f1 for their top tips, here they are! Don’t forget to get in touch if you want any advice. 


  • Online video interviewing can be completed on your smartphone or laptop, If using your phone, be prepared to download an interviewing platform app such as Zoom, Skype or HireVue etc. Do this the day before.
  • Most companies depending on size have their own internal online video conference app. They may send you a link before the interview
  • Ensure you check that your phone/laptop are working properly and that you have a strong internet connect prior to your interview starting
  • Use headphones with speaker capabilities, using headphones supports clearer audio for both yourself and the interviewer
  • Close all the other programmes on your computer especially email alerts and put your phone on silent
  • Log on at least 10minutes prior to your interview starting. Ensuring that all technology is working including audio and video.
  • Make sure you get this set up the night before – you don’t want to be setting it up on the day of the interview
  • Ensure you have a space in your home where you will be uninterrupted, that is quiet.
  • Turn your phone alerts off including email and voicemail – interruptions are really irritating
  • Make sure there is natural light if possible
  • Check out the background behind you – keep it as simple as possible – a plain wall is
  • Make sure there is someone else in the house to take deliveries – it’s amazing how Amazon turn up just as your interview has started!

Physical appearance 

  • Dress for the meeting as you would for a face to face – more formal than less formal
  • Women hair and make-up as usual men a shirt with a collar is better than a round neck
  • Sit a distance away from the camera on your laptop, tablet or phone so the person interviewing you can see you but you are not too close up
  • Look at the screen NOT at yourself on the screen otherwise you are focusing on how you look as you speak rather than concentrating on the interviewer
  • Maintain good eye contact and smile. Use normal positive body language as you would in a f2f situation
  • Don’t interrupt but if you do overlap with the interviewer don’t worry – it happens
  • Don’t talk too fast
  • Keep your hands by your side and try not to fiddle with your hair or jewellery or a pencil etc
  • Try not to look down at your CV unless you really need to check on something


  • Best not to have a hot drink by you – a glass of water is fine but things tend to tip over when you are
  • Keep an eye on the
  • Don’t let your answers to questions last more than 30
  • If you don’t understand a question ask for clarification
  • Ask at the beginning of the interview how long the meeting will take
  • At the end ask when you can expect feedback and what the follow up will be
  • If you are interested in the role and excited by it make sure you tell them you are keen! You can show this by your body language by slightly leaning forwards and keep the enthusiasm in your voice.
  • Make sure you have read the job spec before the meeting and have your questions ready – even if the interviewer has covered all of your questions its important you show an interest in their business and the role – you may have to think on your feet. The worse response is – you have covered all my

A word about Competency & Behavioural based interviews 

  • Most companies use competency & behavioural based questions especially online so that every interviewee gets a level playing field So don’t get caught out
  • STAR based interviewing Situation, Task, Action and Result

E.g. Tell me when you had to last work to a really tight deadline within a team situation – pause to think of an example – describe the situation, say what you had to achieve and within what time frame, what action you and your team took and what the result was. pdf/STAR_Method_Interviews.pdf

  • Its best to prepare some examples BEFORE you interview – expect competency-based questions. Your examples can be used for many different competency-based questions .
  • Another competency-based interview formula used is

JDI – J: Judgement, D: Drive, I: Influence. This is where companies are looking for the interviewee to demonstrate decision making ability, communication skills and motivation

 This online learning for conference meetings is very useful for tips on how to look and sound natural during online meetings as well as interviews. resources_learning


Picture credit Headway@Unsplash