‘f1 has a really special place in my heart as it was your team that believed in me when I moved back to London after 5 years away and found me a job that did quite literally change everything for me’

Permanent roles 

For nearly two decades we have been helping people find career defining jobs  and helping companies hire individuals that help their marketing pr and sports marketing teams move from good to great. Many of our candidates stay over 5 years with our clients. Some are now SVP’s, CEO’s and CMO’s of the organisations we placed them with. Nearly 100%  of our first interviews result in a second interview and our clients don’t need to interview more than 6 candidates to make a job offer. We have a lazer accurate  focus on matching skills to roles  as well as  matching people to companies.  Contact; or

You can count on the fingers of one hand who the true recruitment professionals have been (and continue to be) down the years in this industry and f1 recruitment is definitely one of them. Graham Goodkind  – Founder of Frank PR

Contract & Flexible Working  

We know that organisations are becoming far more agile in the way they manage and employ their people.  We help our clients with Marketing, PR & Sports Marketing talent at all levels for short-term (a month) and long-term assignments (12 months). We place  talent with leading PR and Marketing  agencies and with  the  in-house  teams of  some of  the UK’s biggest brands.  If you are looking for a flexible role (whatever the level)  – or looking to recruit for a contract or freelance role, contact  Carlie Walker or Meg Strang – or  

The  team at f1 recruitment have cared about finding and placing great talent in our industry for as long as I can remember. They’ve long understood that being in the recruitment industry is as much about educating and positively influencing the recruiters as well as the recruited.  Andy Sutherden 

f1 search

f1 search works in complete confidence with senior communications directors, marketing directors and agency managing directors or divisional heads. If you’re at this level you should be talking to us, whether you aim move now or in the future. You might want to benchmark your skills set and experience or remuneration against other senior roles. You may want to network across marketing sectors using our CMO and CEO network. Contact Amanda Fone  

Since launching in London f1 have played a key role in helping us to find the best talent to  grow the business.  Their  experience, insight and network really are second to none. During the recruitment process the f1  team invest time in getting to know about how we work, our culture and ambitions which means the quality and fit of candidates is extremely high. I feel very thankful to have had their support and guidance in finding some truly talented individuals that has ultimately played a large part in our success as a business. Juliet Simpson CEO Stripe Communications 

Graduates, College & School leavers

After you leave school or tertiary education we know how difficult it is to get that first break inside a company. We use our network to help you arrange a period of paid work inside our clients across Sports & Entertainment, PR, Events, Public Affairs &  Marketing in different sectors including Media owners, Consumer Tech, Telco, Energy,  FMCG & Retail as well The Arts. We take part in My Big Career, Inspiring the Future and we work with the Taylor Bennett Foundation. Contact Nick Davies

When I was cutting my teeth, f1 recruitment were integral in helping me identify roles that suited my ambitions, skills and experience at the various early stages of my career. So much so, that as a mentor to younger people in the industry now, I always recommend the f1  team as the first people to visit when searching for that career-defining opportunity. Nick Stocker, Commercial Director leading Formula 1 team. 


We have placed candidates in New York, Cape Town, Moscow, Dubai, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Mexico, Turkey, Sydney, Budapest, Istanbul, Prague, Bogota, Jakarta and Yangon in Myanmar. If you want to take your career overseas you can talk to us. We will help you target the right companies and organise introductory meetings with them. Contact Nick Davies –  or