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Contract or temporary work is a growing and much-welcomed aspect of the job-finding process.  For individuals who prefer a flexible work-path, contract work is often the way to go and in turn, over the last few years, f1 has seen a marked rise in the demand for contractors by companies looking to flex resources and muscle up and down to meet their business needs.  We lead the industry in the provision of marcoms professionals for short and long-term assignments, placing talent with agencies and in-house with the UK’s biggest brands.  If you are looking for a flexible role (whatever the level)  – or looking to recruit for a temporary position, you can expect the best advice from us as to how to achieve your objectives and goals. Contact Johnnie Carpenter – Johnnie@f1recruitment.com

f1 search

f1 search works in complete confidence with senior communications directors, marketing directors and agency managing directors or divisional heads. If you’re at this level you should be talking to us, whether you aim move now or in the future. You might want to benchmark your skill set and experience or remuneration against other senior roles. You may want to network across marketing sectors using our CMO and CEO network. Contact Amanda Fone or Jennifer Chapman  – amanda@f1recruitment.com  or jennifer@f1recruitment.com


We have placed candidates in New York, Cape Town, Moscow, Dubai, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Mexico, Turkey, Sydney, Budapest, Istanbul, Prague, Bogota, Jakarta and Yangon in Myanmar. If you want to take your career overseas you can talk to us. We will help you target the right companies and organise introductory meetings with them. Contact Nick Davies – Nick@f1recruitment.com

Graduates, College & School leavers

After you leave school you can complete work experience and/or holiday work with our clients companies in TV, entertainment, advertising, PR, sports, marketing, publishing, events, charities, financial, retail, mobile, digital, healthcare, energy and the arts. More than three quarters of our graduates and college leavers find a job as a result of these introductions. We’re up with the issues facing graduates and school leavers and do everything we can to help. We take part in My Big Career, Inspiring the Future and we work with the Taylor Bennett Foundation. Contact Chantelle Carroll-Simmonds Chantelle@f1recruitment.com

Flexible Working

We have been championing flexible and remote working for years now – we embrace it here at f1 and we lament the fact that the marcoms industry loses great talent year after year because it cannot adapt business structures to accommodate a 21st century way of working. But, hooray, the tide is turning and we salute the agencies and brands that share a view of a future where a flexible working network will deliver world class marketing and communications around the clock and around the world.  If you would like to be part of this as a candidate or to discuss how we can help you access the best talent that might be working flexibly at the moment contact Jennifer Chapman – Jennifer@f1recruitment.com

Non-Executive Directors (NED)

We need more marketers and communications professionals on the Boards of businesses. Too often these roles are dominated by bankers and chartered accountants. f1 works with a number of SMEs and fast growing companies to introduce aspiring and existing CMOs to become NEDs. Many people in f1’s senior candidate portfolio are also studying for the Financial Times NED Diploma. Contact Amanda Fone amanda@f1recruitment.com