Our Consultants

Amanda Fone FIRP – Founder & CEO

Amanda Fone: Over 35 years in recruitment and search for the Marketing & PR /Communications & Sports Marketing discipline. An irrepressible interest in helping your career and your business and a fierce advocate of the individual. Champion of inclusion, diversity and social mobility. Amanda is co-founder of the BAME2020 diversity programme which launched in June 2016 at the offices of Google. She is the co architect of No Turning Back launched in July 2020.  Joint founder of the f1 Back2Businessship programme for returning to work parents & contributed to a House of Commons Select Committee in January 2016 on the Gender Pay Gap.  Mentor, trainer, coach and determined for everyone to get the best out of their career whatever their level and background. One of the best connected recruiters in London. Fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals and an advocate of driving the agenda for recruitment to be seen as a highly professional and aspirational career path.


Carlie Walker, Sector Lead – Sports & Entertainment

Carlie Walker has over 18 years of recruitment and sales experience working as a senior recruiter with companies such as LinkedIN, Reed and TotalJobs. She has a wealth of experience advising high level senior decision makers including C-Suite and working with brands such as Nandos and Chelsea FC and Battersea Dogs Home.   Carlie has worked with companies advising them about implementing diversity initiatives around returners and the gender pay gap.


Nick Davies, Senior Associate

Through his love of sport and playing cricket at a high level, Nick embarked on a new career within the recruitment industry in 2016. With the skills and experience learned  from  his sports career –  high quality performance, attention to detail and resilience, Nick transferred these skills into the talent sector.
4 years on Nick is a Senior Associate at f1 working across PR, communications, marketing and sports marketing briefs at the mid to senior level.  Nick has been an active advocate of BAME2020 and the f1 diversity and inclusion programmes. He works with the leadership team on No Turning Back 2020.

Candidates at all levels should contact him for insight into the market as well as hearing about new opportunities.



Arabella Kofi, Junior Associate

Arabella graduated from the University of York with BA (Hons) in English and Politics in July 2018. After university, she was a runner for a TV channel but decided to switch to recruitment due to an interest in people instilled by her degree. Outside of work she enjoys reading Gothic literature, as well as watching, writing and performing comedy.


Julia Ottaway, Accounts and Finance

Julia has worked in Finance since leaving school having trained with British Airways. Following a career in the travel industry and the family building business, Julia has been with f1 for many years, working on the Accounts & Finance side. Outside of work, Julia has a keen interest in Architecture and Interior Design and has recently finished a course of study in this.

Adrian Walcott f1 Advisor, Co Founder BAME2020, Founder & MD Brands With Values

Along with Amanda Fone, Adrian Walcott is Co- Founder of BAME2020 and Founder & MD of Brands with Values.

Adrian has worked with Amanda and the f1 team for over 4 years in an advisory role on how to encourage more people from diverse ethnic backgrounds into marketing, PR, communications and sports marketing sectors.

Adrian is the managing director of Brands with Values whose  Culture Decoder specialises in using Culture Diagnostics, in order to drive sales and commercial capability development.

Brands With Values


Liz Nottingham FIPA, Co-Founder Back2businessship and Founder of Human Leadership Studio

Liz is the Co-Founder of Back2businessship with Amanda Fone at f1 and they have worked for nearly 9 nears together supporting returning parents to the workplace after an extended career break.  Last year they had their first cohort of the Government Returners Fund 2019 and they achieve a  high placement success rate and permanent employment.

Liz combines her extensive experience of business, people and creativity and collaborates with individuals, teams and leaders to actively support them with change at this time of great shift and uncertainty.She is committed to the development of the leaders of tomorrow and is bold and pioneering in her approach to talent, shaping culture and engagement.
As both a board director and member of senior leader teams, she has supported and collaborated with CEOs and senior management teams to create and implement a pragmatic, impactful and highly business focussed people strategy. He has led and managed transformation and organisational change in a variety of environments. She is recognised as a strong relationship manager with a track record of creating impactful stakeholder relationships at all levels.

Liz Nottingham on LinkedIn

Call out to LEADERS in PR, marketing and comms – BAME2020 February event

Leaders in PR, marketing and comms are invited to our next BAME 2020 February event at M&C Saatchi

BAME202 is a non-commercial initiative and is already boosting race diversity.

“Statistics suggest that 49% of the population in Outer London will be non-White by 2041. We need to employ far more people representing this group, and create the right messages that marketing and communications is a rewarding career with a baked in democratic attitude towards promoting all talent. Our industry is under pressure to be truly representative,” Says Amanda co-founder BAME2020.

Yet, according to the most recent research carried out by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), BAME representation in the sector’s C-suite is still only 5.5%. The statistics are slightly better for BAME representation in lower levels, hovering around 12-15%. Women now comprise 32.7% (in 2018) of the sector’s c-suite roles, only slightly up from 31.2% in 2017.

“Overall, these statistics are a long way off the 2020 targets set by the IPA for the sector, which is aiming for 40% of all senior posts to be held by women and 15% of people with BAME backgrounds. It’s also aiming to attract 25% of BAME new starters,” points out Fone


The challenge of attracting more BAME candidates in this sector is partly down to the perception of the industry. “Jobs in marketing/communications aren’t really perceived to be ‘serious careers’ by the BAME community, particularly amongst parents and grandparents. This is because of the lack of professional qualifications needed to enter the profession and the lack of clear career progression opportunities, which has meant that BAME youngsters have not traditionally been attracted to our sector,” explains Fone.

So she set up the BAME2020 movement with Adrian Walcott, MD of consultancy Brands with Values, to challenge these perceptions through a series of events, entitled Lets Be Bold about the Subject of Race. “We have already built up a network of 1200 supporters since our launch in 2016 and more than 60% of people that attend our events are non-White, and of all ages and backgrounds,” says Fone. “They attend our events to discuss the issues they face in this sector in a safe confidential space, without repercussions or reprisals. As we have engaged the BAME community in a very authentic way, we are now recruiting more BAME applicants for companies in our sector.”

The next event, taking place at M&C Saatchi offices in Soho on Tuesday 4th February 2020, focuses on the BAME community engaging face to face with leaders in marketing and PR to encourage them to talk more openly about the subject of race in their places of work. “Attraction and retention are crucial, but to change the status quo leaders need to engage more, listen more and do more to ensure their companies and teams are lev

The 3rd event in our series
‘Let’s Be Bold about the Subject of Race’

2020 is going to be a defining year in our sector for Inclusion and Leaders say they want to know more about ‘Race’ inside their companies.

Using the ’fishbowl’ format we share experiences & insights and agree actionable
steps that can implemented in the workplace. Our events are inclusive, non judgemental and collaborative. Since 2016 we have built a like-minded group of over 1200 industry professionals of all levels who want to create sustainable change.

Please join the conversation whatever your level. You have a voice.

Hosted by Adrian Walcott, Amanda Fone (co founders of BAME 2020) and Sereena Abbassi Worldwide Head of Culture & Inclusion at M&C Saatchi.

Tuesday 4th February M&C Saatchi 18.30—20.30 15 Golden Square, London W1F

f1 Recruitment reinvests 40% of it’s profits into diversity initiatives: BAME2020 and Back2businessship 2020 and it truly committed to TSI (total societal impact).